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Company History

The company is owned by Nick Mirkovic and John Williamson.

Nick’s university degree was in engineering, and his background was in the building industry. He has spent the last 12 years owning and managing racking installation companies, the last 8 years as co-owner of Chiltern Storage Systems Ltd. He is SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) qualified, at both Advanced and Supervisor levels.

John’s qualification was in computer aided design, and his original background was in transport and logistics. He has spent the last 18 years designing and project managing racking and storage equipment installations, the last 8 years as co-owner of Chiltern Storage Systems Ltd.

Chiltern Storage Systems Ltd began trading in January 2001, and started off with a small unit at Bourne End Mills Industrial Estate, two miles north of Hemel Hempstead, just off of the A41.

Anyone who visited us there will know it was not the greatest warehouse the world has ever seen, but for our first 5 years it was home, and it served its purpose.

old premises The way we were!

In January 2006 we moved approx 10 miles north to our current location, a much larger and much newer building, at Pitstone Green Business Park, two miles north of Tring, and approx two miles off of the A41.

This unit is much better suited to our needs, and will be our home for the foreseeable future.

outside Where we are now
inside new Two of our installers, Chris and Joe, inside our warehouse.

Since our inception in Jan 2001, we have grown at a steady, organic pace, building successful working relationships along the way.

Rather than being seen simply as a passing contractor, only interested in finishing one job, we would prefer to see ourselves as a business partner, someone who can be called upon at anytime by our customers, be it for a simple repair job or a complex turnkey project.

We never forget that the success of your business is in our long term interests too, and that playing a part in our customer’s success will ultimately benefit the growth of our company.