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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Pallet Racking System will be most appropriate for my operation?

A: From Wide Aisle Adjustable Racking through to Push Back Racking, each pallet racking system has its advantages, but the choice of which system to use can only be determined by your individual requirements.

CSS Ltd will be pleased to visit you at your premises to discuss and determine how best to store and retrieve your pallets. Once we have established both your current and future storage requirements, we will design your racking layout, using the Pallet Racking System best suited to your needs.

Q: I want to have a Mezzanine Floor installed at my premises. Must I get the project approved by my Local Authority before I can have this built?

A: Yes, and this can be a complicated task, however CSS Ltd can manage the approval process on your behalf. You order, we gain approval, we build, you use.

Q: Could CSS Ltd supply and install my Pallet Racking or Shelving System from secondhand, in order to save me money?

A: Yes, savings can be made by purchasing a quality secondhand system where storage requirements are small and simple.

However, larger and more complex installations often require a bespoke solution, which may not be available to purchase secondhand. Cost savings yielded by purchasing secondhand systems tend to diminish with larger projects. 

Q: Which is the best hand loaded shelving system, Longspan or Shortspan?

A: Longspan is better for large, bulky items. Shortspan is better for smaller items that need to be kept in separate product locations.

CSS Ltd will be pleased to visit you at your premises to discuss which shelving system is best suited to your requirements. Be it Longspan or Shortspan, Adjustable or Bolted, Static or Mobile, we can design a solution to your storage problem.

Q: Can I install the storage equipment supplied by CSS Ltd myself?

A: Yes, for low level (under 2.4m high) shelving products.

Whilst most low level, hand loaded shelving systems (such as Longspan and Shortspan) have been designed for self assembly by the end user, it may be more economical for CSS Ltd to install large quantities of shelving for you, as our experienced installers will be able to complete the job in as little as half the time that an inexperienced team might take, thus causing less disruption to your operation. All our quotations come with a separate price for installation.

For Health and Safety reasons, products that involve storage and retrieval via the use of mechanical handling equipment, or any system that rises higher than 2.4m, will have to be installed by CSS Ltd. OR by an installation team lead by an experienced Storage Equipment  installer.

Q: Can CSS Ltd. install any existing storage equipment I already own, and install to my design?

A: Yes, if the equipment and the design are suited to the tasks required of them, CSS Ltd can provide an ‘installation only’ service.

Q: What geographical areas do you cover?

A: CSS Ltd can visit any site on the UK mainland for a free initial consultation. If travel expenses are met, we can visit any site in the world. Delivery costs and installation travel costs are included in all our quotations, so we can install anywhere, from UK to worldwide.

Q: How do I buy?

A: Once we have established what storage equipment you require, you can place an order with us by phone, fax, email or letter. Terms can be agreed prior to the order being placed. Payment is usually made with a company cheque or BACS payment.

To let our experienced storage equipment professionals answer your questions, simply give us a call on 01296 660222, fax us on 01296 660444 or email us at sales@chilternss.co.uk