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Cantilever Racking

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Adjustable Cantilever Racking

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Cantilever is the ideal racking system for storing product that is either too long to fit between Pallet Racking uprights, or in situations where the product length is varied.
Examples of products commonly stored in Cantilever are timber products, pipes and tubes, steel sections, steel rods and aluminium ducting.

Adjustable Cantilever Racking is built using I section steel uprights and bases, fitted with either C section, I section or Box section adjustable cantilever arms. The cantilever arms can be height adjusted on the upright, which can be either single or double sided.
A wide range of Cantilever accessories, such as pallet rails and end stops, are also available. Cantilever can be manufactured to suit any product size and weight.

Loading capacities are calculated in accordance with the SEMA Code of Practice for the Design and Use of Cantilever Racking Systems.