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Mezzanine Archive Store

A Chiltern Storage Systems installation from March 2005

Customer Requirement

A car dealer had to convert an existing static shelf archive area (containing bankers boxes and lever arch files) into additional offices, but the conversion would leave no space to keep the archive records.

CSS Solution

A heavy duty storage platform was installed into a separate building, above a car preparation area.

Above the storage platform we installed a bank of 6 mobile shelving bases and 2 static runs of shelving.

The platform and mobile combination has given the customer his new office space and his re-located archive space, without the need to sacrifice ANY working area.


Plan view of the floor, stairs and handrail, complete with the mobile and static shelving and the Euro Mezzguard edge protection.


Elevation views of the floor plus the static and mobile shelving.


End view of banks of mobile shelving, and Euro Mezzguard edge protection.


Banks of mobile shelving and static run of shelving against the back wall.


At  the top of the stairs, with Euro Mezzguard edge protection to the left hand side.


Underside of the heavy duty storage platform, showing ample clear headroom above one of the dealers cars.